Rusty Solomon

Rusty Solomon’s Coco Chanel Connection

Coco Chanel has an ardent admirer in Rusty Solomon. Rusty loves what Coco brought to the fashion world as early as 1915. Harper’s Bazaar, an iconic fashion magazine of the times, wrote raving reviews of Coco Chanel who, indeed did, bring great change to the world of fashion.

Rusty Solomon believes that the frills and corseted constraints in female fashion were fully ready for the deathblow executed by Coco Chanel in the fashion world. The days of highly structured and conservative clothing had come to an end with Coco’s innovations.


Both Coco Chanel and Rusty Solomon share a love for a life of sports. Coco used her love of the water and the life sailing to implement the nautically inspired bell bottomed pants, horizontal stripes in shirts and the popular espadrille shoes. These fashion choices were the traditional attire of those who lived their lives on the sea. Rusty Solomon sincerely approves of these comfortable and fashionable choices in his sporting life.


Another source of inspiration used by Coco Chanel, and which Rusty Solomon also enjoys, is the British hunt. Fashion inspired by the sport of hunting on horseback was incorporated into Coco’s clothing designs.


Coco popularized the look of sun kissed skin which, before that time, had been frowned upon. The sun tan became fashionable and having a golden glow became a symbol of a life of leisure. Prior to Coco’s influence, the mark of a laborer was time spent in the sun. Rusty Solomon enjoys the look but has taken a modern stance with his use of sun screen for healthy skin purposes.


Coco’s signature look is the little black dress. The little black dress is a necessity still today. Every woman’s closet needs to have this dress in order to navigate in a fashionable world. The little black dress is a wonderful canvas on which to build many looks using accessories. Yards of pearls, scarves and belts can change this dress with many different looks. While Rusty Solomon does not wear the look himself, he does enjoy the timelessly fashionable look when it is worn by the women in his life.


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